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Is Lease Takeover Right Option For You?

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Having a car is often an essential commodity to assist Canadians in getting to and from work, as well as to conduct errands, transport children to extracurricular activities, and simply have on hand when commuting anywhere. An automobile, on the other hand, is a large purchase that almost always necessitates some form of finance to make the transaction possible.

While there are leases and financing choices, a “lease takeover” is a lesser-known option. Indeed, a lease takeover can help you get the car you desire while also saving you money.

So, what exactly is a lease takeover, and is it the best financing option for you to purchase your next vehicle?

What is a Lease Takeover, and how does it work?

An automobile lease takeover is essentially the transfer of a current lease from the vendor to you. The lease would be transferred to you in this transaction, and you would be responsible for making lease payments and adhering to any other lease requirements.

When sellers wish to get out of their lease sooner than the original termination date, they frequently agree to these terms. Rather than paying a penalty for breaking the lease with the dealer, the seller can simply find a buyer who will take over the lease and the vehicle. As a result, you’d get the contract as well as the car in its existing state.

If the vehicle is still in good condition and the lease conditions are reasonable, this can be a terrific opportunity to obtain a good price on a good car.

Consider These Factors Before Choosing a Lease Takeover

Before consenting to be a part of a lease takeover, familiarise yourself with the following crucial aspects of auto leases:


Every lease has a term, which is the amount of time the lease agreement with the current lender is in existence. If you take over the lease, you will be bound by the contract’s terms for the remainder of the term.

Value of the Remainder

This is the value of the car at the end of the period. Leasing firms estimate the car’s expected value at the conclusion of the term based on what it was worth when it was new. If you choose to keep the car at the conclusion of the term, you’ll have to pay the residual value.

Market Price

This refers to the vehicle’s private resale value, which does not have to be the same as the residual value. If you ever decide to trade in your automobile for a new one, a high resale value will help you receive better discounts.


When choosing a lease takeover, there are a number of fees to be aware of. When transferring an automobile lease from a seller to a buyer, for example, there are usually expenses involved. For unresolved offences, there may also be concealed penalty fees. Before transferring the lease, make sure to examine the vehicle’s history and have a vehicle inspection.

Limits in Kilometres

The number of kilometres you’re allowed to drive on a leased car each year is usually specified in the lease. If you go over that limit, you could have to pay a fee. Typically, the limit is between 20,000 and 25,000 kilometres.

Wear and Tear

This is the difference between the degree of deterioration the car experiences at the end of the lease term and what the leasing agency considers usual. Anything that is found to be beyond normal wear and tear will be subject to a charge.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Lease Takeover


Taking over a lease has a number of advantages, including the following:

Lower Cost: When compared to purchasing new, a lease takeover might save you a lot of money.

Lower start-up expenses: Unlike other financing methods, there is no need to come up with a down payment when using a lease takeover.
Lower monthly payments: While automobile loans normally have hefty monthly car payments, this is not always the case with lease takeovers. You pay for the depreciation of the car for the time you use it under this agreement.
Sell for a profit: If the vehicle’s market value exceeds its residual value by the lease’s end, you might be able to sell it for a profit after purchasing it at the end of the term.


Apart from the benefits of a lease takeover, there are a few disadvantages to such an arrangement:

Mileage limitations: With a lease, you’re obligated to drive no more than the contract’s defined kilometre limit. You could easily exceed that limit if you drive frequently. If this occurs, there may be financial consequences.
Wear and tear restrictions: If the current state of the car is worse than what is deemed typical wear and tear, you may be forced to pay additional fees.
Hidden car lease fees: The contract could include “turn-in” or “lease transfer” fees. If there are, you may end up paying more than you anticipated. In addition, some hidden fees may include outstanding breaches, such as unpaid tickets.

How to Get Out of a Lease Early

Normally, you’re expected to keep your car lease until it ends. But what if you want to get out of your car lease before the end of the term? Is it even possible to do so?

There are several services that can assist automobile owners who are in the middle of a leasing arrangement in getting out of it early. They demand a price for their services, but if you’re serious about terminating your lease early and avoiding monthly leasing payments, it might be worth it.

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